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SaveNRG.org is a future organization of Heating Designers dedicated to slow global warming.

The world's top scientists and the United Nations stand united in their belief that this earth is warming and humans are the cause. They are calling for stiff measures to reduce global warming. CO2 emissions is a huge part of global warming. It is our goal to reduce co2 emissions and save people money in fuel bills. We are concentrating our efforts on home and commercial heating systems.


Energy Efficiency is the most cost effective way to reduce co2. It is not only important to just install green heating systems; it is the way in which these systems get installed that count. Many systems do not deliver to the expectations they were designed for. Proper design is very important to co2 reduction. We are at the beginning stages of technological development for green systems. What is most needed is to encourage technical development. Back in the 1980’s a room full of very expensive computer hardware had less capability then my 11 year olds IPOD. I have a plan to solve this problem. It involves field measurement and verification of installed systems. It involves a contest of installed systems and finally it involves rewards and Press for the ones that succeed. The details of the winning job will be published. Future contest entrants will copy previous winner’s designs with added improvements or modifications. Revolutionary designs that perform well will receive special attention. Together over the decades we will improve system designs and the testing methods.


Overall Efficiency
  (A measurement of overall efficiency in a heating or cooling system.)

I have developed a mathematical formula that measures the Overall Efficiency of a Heating and or Cooling system. The project is covered by a patent. US Patent 7200468 The project will improve the efficiency of heating system design and reduce global warming in heating and cooling systems world wide by 10 to 80%.  Contact Inventor John Ruhnke 1-203-849-1479. Here is a paper you can read on the project. Overall Efficiency


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